August @ Reframe NLP

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So first blog on my new website, having spent so many years creating such sites for clients (my other business is to design and develop websites) it makes a change for the shoe to be on the other foot for a change and to actually have to create content for one!

This month has been one of the busiest this year, having a number of client sessions, plus my NLP Trainers Training course, in the borders of Scotland.  This now enables me to be able to offer NLP Practitioner (and in the future Master Practitioner Training).

Exciting times and lots of courses planned – the first being some specific Personal Trainer workshops for trainers who’d like themselves to be more focussed on what they want from sessions PLUS how they can build rapport with clients even quicker and work on a training plan that each client will stick to as it’s delivered in the right way for them.

Looking forward to getting back up to Scotland in a couple of weeks for my Master Practitioner course.