London alive with the Paralympics

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Another weekend spent in London assisting on a free NLP Foundation event near Tower Bridge with Toby & Kate McCartney ( which was great fun – sharing my experience and journey into NLP with the people there and a great opportunity to watch Toby in his element.  They were a really energetic bunch of people with many questions and experiences to share with everyone.

On emerging from the Tube station on the sunday (slightly bleary eyed from a late night talking and practising NLP with friends) Tower Hill was transformed as it was part of the course for the Paralympics, at 8:30 there were not huge crowds although everyone that passed by got a cheer, though by lunchtime there were church bells sounding and masses of people near the Tower of London cheering everyone onto glory whether they were the “Weirwolf” or not.

I’ve been very impressed with the organisation of London during the event, train stations have had hosts of “Games Makers” to help people out, very clear signage and I think the purple and pink has really worked, making it obvious where the right stops are for the tube, where to go etc.

London itself has seemed a happier place the few times I’ve been in during 2012, partly as I always seem to be blessed with good weather and also because it’s been such a wonderful year of celebration in the city with all of the Queens Jubilee celebrations through to the Olympic and Paralympic games, will it fade – actually no, I don’t think so, the city is looking good at the moment and I think this will continue well into the future.