Master Practitioner Enjoyment

Posted by on Sep 20, 2012 in General News / Blog | 0 comments

So back from the first part of my Master Practitioner course in Scotland with Toby & Kate McCartney, assisted by Steve and Debbie Adams. There were 24 of us on the course, with a mix of newbies and returning master practitioners – a great bunch of guys!

We covered all sorts from Values, Goal setting, extending the communication model, fine tuning our unconcious communication, Modelling plus Newcode techniques including new phobia models, healing. Now I have a good excuse to break out the dusty juggling balls!

Martin Wyse was our guest trainer for a few days and it was fantastic to watch his coaching sessions at work, further confirmation that how I am already working is backed up by those with even more experience.

The main thing I took from the sessions was to both trust your instinct and of course you can never stop learning, practice, practice and practice!

Next bit of my course is a few days of master class with Sue Knight in Henley, check out her NLP bible, NLP at Work, I love working in the moment, it feels so natural and clients much prefer it!

Also lovely to see people making massive personal shifts on the course, thanks to the coaching sessions we had with each other, they knew the answers, we are just the guides…

Oh and have some Practitioner dates in the diary for 2013 now, working with my good friend Jo to setup bespoke training for GPs and for Personal Trainers.

More on these soon, great to have the plans in place for training!