Stoptober Special Session Offer

Posted by on Oct 1, 2012 in General News / Blog | 0 comments

With the NHS launching Stoptober, I’m offering half price stop smoking sessions during the rest of 2012, so if you need that extra help to give up your smoking habit, just contact me on 07595 916617.

A combination of some NLP Techniques and Hypnosis will help break these habits though with anything, you really have to want to give up for anything to really work well.

So apart from all of the obvious health benefits which I know you all know (lung disease, dying younger, fitness), why not consider the money AND time you’d save..

Money AND time Saved

Just consider this following, based on £6 a packet, 20 in a pack and 10 mins to smoke one

10 a day £90 a month saved 50 hours a month!
15 a day £135 a month saved 75 hours a month!
20 a day £180 a month saved 100 hours a month!
40 a day £360 a month saved 200 hours a month!


So what would you do if you were able to get back 50-200 hours a month of your time, time to spend with your friends and family, plus the £90-360 saved.

A 20 a day smoker would be able to save £540 for Christmas if they stopped, right now.

So call me on 07595 916617 and talk to me about my half price Stop Smoking sessions, make today the start of your healthy lifestyle, offer applies to friends and family too