Wow when did it get to the end of January, already

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Realised the other day that I’v not updated my blog since then and with all you good folk checking it out thought I’d best put something up…

So what’s happened since


Well raised over £100 by growing some facial hair and had to put up with it through the second half of my Master Practitioner in Scotland and the Xmas party for Innovations Fitness.


Ran our first taster training day in Bishop’s Stortford for Beyond NLP a company that I’ve setup with Jo Wilson from Subrisi a friend I’ve made through my NLP journey.  Jo’s a superb coach and we work really well together, so I’m really  looking forward to working with her in 2013.

Last third of December I spent in Scotland – Aviemore to be exact and had a fab time in the Higlands til the middle of January


Back from Scotland (New Years was spent on the Isle of Skye having a great Hogmanay!) Wow – what a start to the year, our Beyond NLP training for healthcare professionals is taking off a storm, this month we’re booked in for 4 VTS training sessions (what they call some of the training sessions for the NHS teams) and have had 3 more free NLP taster events in london, colchester and watford.

On a coaching front it’s been great to meet all my new clients and help them help themselves with a variety of new year resolutions!

So it’s never too late to set those goals and make those changes, be it stopping smoking, dealing with weight issues or working out how to master your wealth!

Rest of the year… well stay tuned, you guys write that bit ;o)