Confidence Building, Self esteem & Public Speaking

Through the use of a combination of both Hypnotherapy and NLP, Andy will help you immediately become more confident, not only in your ability to do the things you have to do, but also in your ability to do whatever you WANT to do ! Did you ever realize what you would call Life’s achievers tend to feel an abundance of confidence whenever they need it most ? however for many.. confidence is something that they admire in others but simply can’t access for themselves.. But it really doesn’t have to be this way.

Does the thought of speaking in public, leave you with no words.. butterflies in your stomach and your mind seeming blank ? The fear of public speaking is pretty much the most common fear in the modern world and is thought to affect as many as three out of every four people. It can affect anyone, from accomplished presenters and actors to the otherwise confident best man called upon to make a short speech at a wedding.

What if you could make that all important presentation with a real sense of power & charisma? What if you could stroll through social encounters or maybe just life generally with a confident, self-assured stride? Sounds fantastic doesn’t it ?

Let Andy guide you through the process of untangling that knot in your stomach and you will be shocked as you immediately begin to feel yourself become more confident, not only this, but Andy will also teach you a powerful set of techniques to help you boost your confidence at any time, any situation.

If you are ready to build your confidence, grow your self esteem or are ready to take to the stage.

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