Fears & Phobias – Am I suffering from a fear or phobia ??

The common signs:

Palpitations, Pounding heart rate, hot or cold flushes, light headedness or nausea, trembling or shortness of breath.

These days almost everyone seems to have or has had an irrational fear or two, some getting nervous at the thought of a needle, others jumping at the sight of a bug or spider. For most, these fears or phobias are minor, But for others these fears are so severe they cause huge anxiety, getting in the way of normal life..

After just one session with Andy, you’ll find the subject of your phobia no longer having that debilitating power over you, even finding it something you’ll be able to laugh at!

The reason why Hypnotherapy and NLP is so effective in the successful in the treatment of phobias is because all phobias reside in the unconscious part of our minds. Linked on many occasions with a seemingly insignificant collection of random things happening that illogically manifest themselves into a fear. It is for this reason Hypnotherapy and NLP allows us to bypass our conscious mind and focus on retraining our unconscious, giving clients real and significant long lasting change quickly.

If you are suffering from a fear or phobia, no matter the subject Andy can successfully remove your phobia once and for all, letting you enjoy your life to the full..

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