Session Fees

Hypnotherapy & NLP Sessions

(Confidence building, self esteem, phobias, habits, relationship issues, Stress Management, Sports performance, Fear of Flying, Anxiety, Business Communication, Sales Communication, Insomnia, Recover from Divorce, Sexual Issues and many others not listed)

The initial session lasts for two hours and costs – £150 (FREE initial telephone consultation, all sessions include full email and phone support during our work and up to 3 months after our sessions)

Further sessions cost – £90 and last 1 hour each.

Stop-Smoking In One Session

My one of a kind Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy & NLP session lasts for just 2 hours and at the end of the session you will leave my office as a permanent non- smoker. There is just one single fee to pay. Before you attend the initial session I will ask you to complete a few small tasks designed to help prepare you for a smoke free life. Providing you follow these simple instructions you will find that not only is quitting smoking easy but you will enjoy the process too!

My confidence in helping you to stop smoking is reflected in my 12 months guarantee. Evidence shows us that the vast majority of smokers who stop smoking for more than one year, will never smoke again, therefore included within the cost, I provide a 12 month guarantee during which, if you have any smoking related issues, I will see you again on a free of charge basis.

Quit smoking permanently in just one, 3-4 hour session – £350

Weight Loss Programme

Typically I would look to see you three times over a six week period, with each session lasting approximately 2 hours.

Lasting Weight loss Programme costs £160 per 2 hour session, with the first session £150.  (Free initial telephone consultation and all sessions include full email and phone support during our work and up to 3 months after our sessions).

Breakthrough Sessions

Sometimes you may with to book a full breakthrough session with me, these sessions allow us to really work through a number of issues you may have, ensuring that you leave the sessions knowing exactly waht you’ll be doing next and how differently you feel about things compared to when you arrived.

Half Day Session – 4 hours (£350)

Full Day Session – 8 hours (£500)

These sessions can be held in my offices or in another location, at your expense (if a meeting room needs to be hired)

NLP Training

Should you wish to find out more about NLP or any aspect of NLP I am a qualified and certified NLP Trainer, able to offer NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner training, I run regular training programmes throughout the year, contact me for more information.

Road to Master Wealth Programme

This programme is delivered to you in person (no… not a seminar with 300 people !) you get my undivided attention over a period of 4 months, over which we will measure your accomplishments and growing successes amending and adjusting your personal plan to 100% achieving what ever level of wealth you “REALLY WANT”

This programme is delivered via an initial 4 hour training session, followed by 3 x 4 hour sessions. (all training materials will be provided as well as full telephone and email support during training)

Road to Master Wealth Programme – £1,800.00 (Payment plan available, subject to status. please email for further information)

Remote Consultation by Email

Typically in some cases it is simply inconvenient to meet in person or maybe you feel you communicate best with the written word. In these cases I offer remote hypnosis via email as well as NLP via the written word, both highly effective especially if you are someone who communicates and understands best in this manner.

Single Email Consultation (a detailed written response containing powerful Hypnotic explanations and NLP techniques that enable lasting change – £30 per email

Normal successful email sessions number between 5-6 email sessions (payment via paypal)