Here are a few testimonials from some of the people I have had the pleasure to meet.

Life is often a challenge and we as humans can make matters more challenging because of our thought processes and previous experiences. I wanted to make a difference to my future life and to help others work through and park previous experiences that might be limiting their current lives.

I thought about NLP as it had been recommended to me by a friend. My path crossed with Andy And I believe this was meant to happen…… The experience has been revolutionary. The skills I have learnt have been life changing and the way they were delivered, simply superb !! Mark, NHS Commercial Director, Quintiles

Hi Andy, It was great to meet you last Wednesday evening. My short coaching session with you on my blockers was very powerful. It has seen me be far more productive this week and start to make changes in the way in which I operate and think about myself. So thank you. Hope to see you at the meeting in the New Year, where I will report further progress! Tania, Fareham – Hampshire

Andy has that rare ability to gently challenge the client to facilitate the very best outcome and he achieves this by holding a space for that person, while he helps them work things through. He has a warm and genuine way about him and you just know he wants to be there for you, and he stays with you in that moment. Andy is real and caring, and you just know you are safe, and that he will guide you to find that change that will make the difference in your life.
He is an amazing practitioner and a very good friend. We would recommend Andy to anyone. Sue & Steve Cleasby, Worthing – West Sussex


I asked Andy for his help after I’d been I a car crash & had suffered from whip lash. I had been seeing my Chiropractor for this but I wasn’t letting him touch my neck. I think due to the wrong words been used & to many bad films!!

My subconscious tricked me into thinking that if somebody wanted to manipulate my neck they’d snap it or break it! Andy came to the rescue and the whole process only took an hour. As a result my muscles now relax so much so that I allowed my chiropractor to manipulate my neck and I have full movement in my neck & don’t flinch when somebody touches it!! Claire, Chichester – West Sussex


Andy is inspirational ! He brings a ‘can do’ attitude that enables you to feel that you ‘can do’ too ! He enables you to have fun whilst learning how to bring out the best within you! Andy has helped me realise that I CAN achieve my goals! Jo, Subrisi Ltd – Essex